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Fall program 2020

Because of the uncertainty and travel restrictions due to Covid-19 we’ve decided to have the fall program online on Zoom. But we will promise you a lot of variety and events this season, so we're hoping you want to join us:) Teaching series:

Collecting the Broken Pieces- finding resources and nourishment in yourself and in your life

August 20, October 22, November 26

How do we find the light within, when it seems just dark? Many life events evoke strong feelings and sometimes we can only feel the brokenness and forget the wholeness in us. The Hakomi Method teaches us how to turn towards these scattered pieces, that need our curiosity, respect and tenderness to heal, so that we can discover new ways and choices of relating to the world and feel whole again.  

With international Hakomi trainer Bettina Deuster. Each evening counts as a half day training

(1 1/2 for the entire series).

For info and registration, follow this link

Training weekend:

Working With The Inner Child - The Hakomi Way

September 26-27

We will explore and learn in the unique Hakomi Way how to attend to a state of mind that is often called the „Inner child“. You could think of it as an inner part, a trance state or a neural configuration that creates a psycho-emotional experiencing that feels very vulnerable, is often related to our deepest childhood wounds, brings forward  habitual reactions that we might experience as harmful and is missing the access to resources that are possible and available in our lives.


We will learn how to respond  to these states with gentle curiosity and presence, bringing consciousness to the embodiment and accessing the underlying beliefs and ideas. We will find out what these states of mind actually need. The healing process brings the missing resources back into our experience and consciousness, allows us to access them and respond to life in a more satisfying and skillful way.

With international Hakomi trainer Bettina Deuster.Join only Saturday or both days. Each day counts as one day training.

For info and registration, follow this link

Practice groups:

Hakomi Breakfast Club

August 17-December 21

For info and registration, follow this link.

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