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Mentor, Therapist, Trainer and Lecturer. Certified HAKOMI Trainer and Therapist (Mindfulness-Centered Somatic Psychotherapy), RUP Teacher (Right Use of Power), Stress Management and Self-Development

I have been involved in HAKOMI Trainings in different parts of the globe for more that 10 years, providing one-to-one sessions, groups in person and online. For several years I helped people to get the Hakomi Education Network certification. 


In addition to that, I provide mentoring and therapeutic sessions where the person can explore how he/she relates with issues related with Power. I provide a safe space where the clients can discover their habits and beliefs around Power, specially those that could create unnecessary suffering. All this is done within an experiential and somatic approach and also provides the client with the opportunity to explore new possibilities. 


Main topics: Personal Power. Relation with the Power Differentials. Boundaries. Give and receive Feedback. Conflict and difficulties. Train tracking. Dual Relationships. Self Care. Nervous System Regulation and Co-regulation. Impostor Syndrome. Trauma and Shame. Leadership Styles.