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Welcome to the Emotional Nourishment Festival in Desember!

Welcome to another Emotional Nourishment FestivalDecember 2 & 3. This time the topic is: "Boundaries and Possibilities"

Setting and communicating your own boundaries is more about just saying "No". Another common notion is that the more one sets boundaries, the more one's world will be restricted, for example due to possible rejections from other people. But setting and communicating boundaries can actually open up a new world with more opportunities and the ability to be more close to yourself and others. Setting boundaries can in various ways also be a very relevant topic around Christmas time. So here you have an opportunity to give an environmentally friendly and sustainable present to yourself and others.

The weekend will consist of four different segments each day. And you can choose if you want to come for the whole weekend (recommended), one day, half of the day or one segment. We will first launch the full day passes, and then launch the segment tickets (around two weeks before). We recommend to register early as possible as the spots are limited. Take a look at the schedule for more info on each segment (more details to come).

Pricing and registration:

We have three different pricing categories. And you choose your pricing category based on your economic situation. The pricing system is based on trust, which mean that we will not demand any documentation etc. It will also be possible to give an extra donation after the festival.

Contact us through the chat at, if you're having any challenges or questions regarding registration and payment. We take debit/credit card and Vipps.

Pricing category 1:

Full weekend: 500 NOK

One day=300 NOK

One segment=80 NOK

Choose ticket in pricing category 1 if you're a student, pensioner, on benefits or have low income at the moment, or are unsure what to give (you can always donate more later)

Pricing category 2:

Full weekend: 1000 NOK

One day= 600 NOK

One segment= 170 NOK

Choose a ticket in the pricing category 2i if you consider yourself to have a normal income (and you can always donate more later)

Pricing category 3:

Full weekend: 1500 NOK

One day= 800 NOK

One segment= 250 NOK

Choose a ticket in pricing category 3 if you consider yourself to have a high income (you can always donate more later)

Language: English and Norwegian. We're an international group.

Practical info:

  • Helsehuset iSenter is situated close to the Glads vei tram stop (a yellow house). a 5 min tram ride from Storo.

  • Free parking outside

  • We will serve coffe/tea, fruit and snacks during the breaks, and we will have a lunch break between 1.30-2.30 pm

  • You can choose if you want to bring your own food or go to a café nearby. It's a bakery in the first floor and a Food Truck with greek food, pizza and burger outside. You cn also order from Foodora/Wolt etc. in the first break.

  • This is a drug/alcohol-free event

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