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Internasjonal hakomi-trener, hakomi-practitioner

"I’ve been fascinated by the way that our inner and outer worlds meet for as long as I can remember. Having been involved with various meditation groups from my twenties,  I arrived at Hakomi by way of training initially as a body centred practitioner with Polarity Energetics, and as a Person Centred Counsellor, and in Process Oriented Psychotherapy.  (I seem to have specialised in trainings not many people have heard of!)  I went on to teach Counselling in universities for 15 years, as well as having a private practice.  These modalities didn’t fully meet my desire to integrate body, mind and spirit so I was thrilled when a friend told me that there was going to be new Hakomi training in Sheffield in 2001 and I’ve been involved ever since, assisting on the trainings and then teaching in Ireland, Sheffield, Lancaster and Spain.


Hakomi, for me, is a full expression of meeting ourselves and others in a compassionate and mindful way, a subtle, skilful and warm connected method where we can deepen our understanding of and work to release our limiting beliefs as they are held in our bodies and hearts.

I now work mostly offering supervision and Hakomi and supporting my partner in running a Zen practice group. I love the way that Hakomi brings together all of my interests, to see students flourish and develop in self-understanding and compassion, as well as become more skilful in supporting others to self study. "

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