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Article by Ron Kurtz From the Preface of his new book: The Hakomi Way: Consciousness and Healing 2018

I came to see the work as assisted self-study. This view is quite different from that of traditional psychotherapy. Hakomi is closely related to the Buddhist and Taoist principles that were among my original inspirations. As assisted self-study, the work is, in some fundamental way, quite different from those therapies that find their foundations in medicine and place themselves within that paradigm. This method can be part of any method of psychotherapy, but it is much more than that.

It is basic to all human relations. It is a natural part of the universal human endeavor to understand ourselves, to free ourselves of the inevitable suffering that follows from ignorance of who we are and  how the world hangs together. It is the path taken by all who work to go beyond the half-remembered hurts and failed beliefs that linger unexamined in the mind and body, hurts that act through barely conscious habits and reactions. This work is part of that heroic labor, a cousin to sitting meditation, to singing bowls and chanting monks.

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