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Donna Martin om det essensielle ved Hakomi

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Donna Martin er senior-trener og "legacy-holder", og jobbet nært med Ron Kurtz i mange år. Hun kommer til Norge for første gang høsten 2019. Her gir hun et godt svar på hva som er det essensielle ved hakomi-metoden. Teksten er hentet fra Hakomi Education Network sin Facebook-side.

Question: Being a Hakomi Senior Trainer and part of Ron Kurtz’s legacy, what can you tell us about the essence of the Hakomi approach?

Donna Martin : For me, the essence of the Hakomi approach is that consciousness is choice and choice is freedom. When we are aware of ourselves and what organizes our experience and our reactions to life, we have the power to interrupt what is automatic and choose a more creative response. We become free to move through life without the burden of suffering caused by wrong or outdated beliefs and habitual reactions that keep us imprisoned in an old reality.

The Hakomi approach is one of assisted self discovery based on the assistant (therapist) being in a state of loving presence and using a simple but powerful practice of offering the person (client) who is self studying little experiments in mindfulness... that is, simply paying attention to one’s present embodied experience for information about how experience is organized by old habits and beliefs.

The practice of loving presence for the assistant is a key to the nonviolent approach which empowers the person to find answers from their own inner wisdom at their own pace.

The practice of embodied mindfulness provides a life changing resource for the person (client) and is, in and of itself, life changing. And both the loving presence of the therapist and the mindfulness practice of the client support a collaborative journey of consciousness, healing, and freedom.

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