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Important (and exciting!) information to participants coming from abroad (or out of town)

-To the training/workshop with Donna Martin and Bettina Deuster September 28-October 1, 2019

If you would like to stay at the place where we have the training/workshop, you can get a 10 % discount on accommodation. Haraldsheim has many different room options (single, doble, 4 beds etc.) and breakfast buffet, towel, sheets and access to a kitchen are including in the price. You can read more about the room options and facilities here: You can also ask questions on their 24/7 chat:)

To get the discount, you need to book the room by sending an email to . This is because their web booking doesn’t work with discounts. In the email you write that you’re going to the Hakomi training, full name, what type of room you want and check in and check out dates. Payment for the room will be done when you check in. If you’re traveling with someone, and want to share a room, you can book together.

So to sum up:

* Booking of workshop/training (including lunch) you do trough this link:…/workshop-4-days-training-2

* And booking of accommodation (if needed) you do by sending an email to

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