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Let's chat- the best way to reach us!

We've now opened a chat on our web page! You will find it in the down right corner on our website. For now, the chat mainly will be open right before, during, and right after our events. This makes it easy and time saving for us to attend to participants that may have technical problems getting into the Zoom room (or need to get back), or need to notify that they are late etc.

But even though the chat says it's offline, i's still the easiest way to reach us. We get notified about your message really fast, and then we can invite to a chat by email. You can also write to us in the offline chat and come with some suggestions about times/dates we could be able to chat with you about questions you may have (about the Hakomi method, events etc.). It's much easier to chat than writing emails back and forth:)

We're looking forward to chat with you soon:)

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