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Loving presence with your partner and family

"Practicing Loving Presence with total strangers can often be easier than with family! On the other hand, whatever amount of Loving Presence you can practice and experience with your family will be transformative. " From the "Practice of Loving Presence" by Ron Kurtz and Donna Martin (p. 85).

In these days a lot of people are spending more time with their partner or family members than they're used to, that of course could be great, but many experience more triggers and conflicts. Also, many may be in a situation were they can't be in contact with a dear family member, like a parent or grand parent. Which also can cause distress and despair.

Our main trainer Bettina Deuster recently held a beautiful talk (with some exercises) on how to use the Hakomi method in relation to your partner and/or family on Facebook Live recently. Thanks to Irina Soloviova and Caucasus Association of Body Psychotherapy CABP for the organizing.

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