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Loving Presence with Yourself

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

"It is sometimes said that you cannot love others until you can love yourself. Perhaps the opposite is true. You might find that the practice of Loving Presence with others is actual the best preparation for learning to be more loving, kind, and compassionate with yourself" 

-From The Practice of Loving Presence by Ron Kurtz and Donna Martin (p. 100, 2019). 

Join us Wednesday July 16 ( 7-9 pm, CEST) for some "egocentric" non-egocentric nourishment. Well, self care and self love are not the same as being arrogant and self-absorbed. And you can never get enough!

 In this practice group, which will be facilitated by advanced students in Team Hakomi Norway, we will by the help of the self-view function in Zoom explore on how we relate to our own self-image, both by ourselves and in the presence of others. We're many that looking forward to when we can meet face to face and practice Hakomi, but some explorations can actually be more interesting on Zoom, when you know how to use some of the technical functions to your advantaged. 

The event is free of charge, but we would love a small donation to the association so that we can further our online projects. 

If you're insecure about the time zone, write your time zone in this calculator

The practice group will be in English, but since a lot of what we work with in Hakomi is non-verbal cues, no advanced English skills are required. 

If you have any questions write an email to or go to our chat on

We're looking forward to seeing you at this  special summer practice group:)

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