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New workshop series: Loving Presence in Difficult Times

23. April., 13. May & 10. June, 18:00 – 21:00 (CEST) on Zoom

How can we be with suffering while still having an attitude of joyfulness and tenderness to it? 

On Thursday we start our teaching series on the practice of Loving Presence. Loving presence is a central aspect of the Hakomi method, and our focus will be on how we can use this attitude and skill set in the face of difficulty and fear.

The workshops will be led by  international Hakomi trainer Bettina Deuster.

Fee: 350 NOK for one workshop, or 950 NOK if you sign up for all three at once.

"Where is loving presence needed most?

The practice of Loving Presence has widespread applications in both personal and professional life situations. It provides the best context for any kind of healing relationship. Wherever you feel most helpless may be the very place calling you to be in Loving Presence. Whoever you find it hardest to be with may be the one who is inviting you to interrupt your habitual ways and move into a more spacious state of mind. Whenever you feel your heart in pain, it may be a signal that your capacity for love is ready to expand into new dimensions. "

(From "The Practice of Loving Presence", by Ron Kurtz & Donna Martin, 2019, p.71

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