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Payment for our events from abroad

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

One of the amazing things about doing Hakomi is that it's a part of a big worldwide network (Hakomi Education Network). So people travel all over the world to practice:). We also do a lot of online events where people all over the world can join:). To make things easier for people from abroad to join our events, we've written some tips and guidelines about our payment options from abroad.

Payment from Europe (both EU and non-EU):

When paying from Europe you have three options:

  • Regular bank transaction ( +50 NOK and shared costs. Because of EU-regulations). 

  • PayPal Invoice (+ the fee that's deducted from the transfer. Read the event description to see how much).

The cheapest and easiest payment method from Europe for our events is definitely TransferWise

Payment from outside Europe: 

When paying from outside Europe you have three options:

  • Regular bank transaction (OUR,=the payer (sender of the payment) will bear all of the payment transaction fees). 

  • PayPal Invoice

The cheapest and easiest payment method from outside Europe is definitely TransferWise. But if your currency doesn't work with NOK through TransferWise (Ex. Argentina, Israel), PayPal is the best option. Regular bank transaction should be cheaper than PayPal when the training/workshop fee is over 1200 NOK.

About TransferWise:

Payment with TransferWise is done through their app or website.

Remember to wait for the invoice that we send you because you need to write the invoice number in the message, so that we can verify who is paying. The easiest way to pay with TransferWise is with debit card (Fast and easy transfer). If you need more than 24 hours to pay (if you choose paying with bank account), you need to lock the amount. You also need to change the recipient field ("The recipients get") to NOK currency and write the exact amount from the invoice in that box.

About PayPal invoice:

Remember that PayPal Invoice is not the same as sending money with PayPal. But it's still as easy:) We need to use PayPal invoice so that we can regulate and add the transfer fee.

If you register for PayPal invoice in the event registration, you will get an electronic invoice from PayPal to your email and/or PayPal account. Then you click on the blue button on the invoice ("Pay Now") to pay with either your PayPal account or debit card. You don't need to have a PayPal account to pay a PayPal invoice. You can read more on how to pay a PayPal Invoice here.


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