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Special workshop for fundraising

When: August 29, 2021- 7-9 pm (CEST)

Ticket: 430 NOK

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The last year in Hakomi Norway we've done a lot of online practice groups with the exercise Reclining Buddha. It's a practice originally created by Georgia Marvin. We're so happy that she, with or other main trainer Bettina Deuster, will teach more deeply about this practice through this special workshop for fundraising for Hakomi Education Network and Hakomi Norway. 50 % of the income will go to fund the development of Hakomi Education Network's new website and membership platform, and 50% of the income will fund Hakomi Norway's online practice group projects focusing on how the Hakomi method can be a support in everyday life (Hakomi Breakfast Club & Hakomi Weekend Reset).

About the workshop:

Reclining Buddha is a Hakomi exercise created to teach students to relax, and to open the capacity for spaciousness and non-efforting. Georgia Marvin was inspired by an enormous statue of the reclining Buddha that she visited in Thailand and by a small version of that statue that she has lived with for 20 years. The reclining Buddha represents the master at death in an attitude of perfect relaxed awareness.

This workshop is inspired by these ideas: as we relax, as we face the inevitable, we can open to all possibilities. This event will expand on the primary exercise and introduce students to a series of exercises to counter our tendencies to work hard, to enhance our capacity to relax, and in doing so, open our perception.

Payment & Schedule:

Ticket: 430 NOK

(430 NOK is about: 42 Euros, 50 US$, 62 CAD).

From abroad you can pay directly with either debit/credit card or PayPal (do not click on manual payment on Checkout).

From Norway you can pay with debit/credit card, PayPal or VIPPS . If you want to pay with VIPPS choose manual payment in the Checkout and read the instructions specifically for this event.

This is an online event, so you can join in from wherever you are in the world. 7-9 pm central european time is:

BST/IST/WEST (UK, Ireland, Portugal): 6-8 pm

EEST/MSK/TRT (Tallinn, Athen, Moscow, Istanbul): 8-10 pm

ART (Argentina): 2-4 pm

EDT (New York, Toronto): 1-3 pm

CDT (Mexico city, Dallas): noon-2 pm

MDT (Edmonton, Denver): 11am-1 pm

PDT (Vancouver, Seattle, LA):10 am-noon

HST (Honolulu): 7-9 am.

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